About us

Jana Keketi 

Although Jana Keketi graduated from the University of Economics, her career path went in a different direction. In her youth, she was engaged in modeling, currently she is a professional photographer who has numerous photo shoots with Slovak and Czech show business personalities, collaborations with magazines and foreign fashion catalogs, and is the author of several charity calendars. After graduating from the prestigious London Image Institute, she was the only Slovak to receive the Advanced Image Consulting and Professional Development certificate and became a professional business image consultant. Thanks to image counseling, she helps women underline and highlight their strengths and femininity and find their own style.


The creation of the first collection of silk scarves and her own brand "Onebyone design" in 2017 was a natural outcome of her lifelong pursuit of feminine beauty. Jana advises women how to look better, how to dress correctly, what color will make their eyes, skin and figure stand out. The silk scarf from her workshop, specially created according to the color typology, helps to achieve a younger and more beautiful look with just the right color and is at the same time a very effective and trendy accessory for the modern woman.


Onebyone design silk scarves are exceptional not only with high-quality twill silk (18mm), double-sided printing, hand hemming and bright colors, but above all they have our original Slovak designs, a precisely selected range of colors and are produced in limited editions for each season.


Each design is created thanks to the artistic creativity of the graphic designer Iveta Kristel and the selection of colors specifically for each color type chosen by Jana Keketi. After choosing and setting the design and colors, the color tones need to be fine-tuned with the printer to match the designs, the proofs are corrected, and only then can the entire collection be printed. Every year we create new designs and gradually new sizes and shapes of scarves will be added.