Color typology

The right colors will help you look younger, healthier, more exquisite. Conversely, those that are inappropriate for you will make you tired, older, and point to faults in your face.


There are several methods of color typology, some indicate 4 types according to the seasons, others are divided into subgroups ... Sometimes it happens that somebody is out of place or more subtypes ... Therefore, the color typology for most people is too complicated and ambiguous , but so are we, too. We can not just get stuck, because there are always exceptions ...

I also personally searched for where I belong, because I did not have 1 subgroup. That's why I try to give typology to others simply, logically and without unnecessary complications. According to my experience, there are among us people who see and feel the colors that come naturally to them, and then there are a number of those who simply can not handle the colors. For those, there is an ideal personal consultation where they see themselves and understand that colors have an incredible power to influence both appearance and overall radiation.

If you know that you are a spring, but you do not know whether it is warm or light or bright, you will certainly choose from our spring scarves that suits you... Just put them close to your face and you will see it yourself. In the future, we will add more variants so that all subgroups can choose.


I will present very briefly four basic groups, and then other subgroups within them.


SPRING: (subtypes: bright - light - warm)

skin: bright, light, warm undertones

eyes: bright blue, turquoise, green, orange, light brown

hair: light blond, medium brown, strawberry blond, golden and red undertones


SUMMER (subtypes: muted - light - cool)

skin: cool undertone, low contrast between the hair and skin, pink tinge

hair: light blond to medium brown, cool, ashy shades

eyes: blue, blue gray, cold green, gray brown, gray


AUTUMN (subtypes: soft/muted, dark, warm)

skin: warm, golden undertone, rich overall color, small contrast between eyes, skin and hair

hair: medium brown to black or medium to dark red, golden and red undertones, rusty

eyes: nutty, medium to dark brown, olive or warm green


WINTER (subtypes: bright - dark - cool)

skin: cool or olive undertones, high contrast between skin, hair and eyes, or total dark coloring.

hair: ashy dark brown to brown black to black, cool undertones

eyes: medium brown to black brown, gray blue, bright blue, cool green





You can be a bright spring or a bright summer. The hair color is light (blonde, light brown, grey, white), light blue, green or grey eyes, pale or light eyebrows, fine porcelain skin that is easily burned in the sun. The overall look is gentle and light. The overall color is light, but it can be both warm and cool and soft or bright. Youlook the best in light to moderately dark and muted shades of your palette (peach-spring) (pale lavender-summer)



Either you are a dark autumn or a dark winter. Dark hair, dark brown eyes, dark green or nutty, dark lashes and eyebrows, porcelain to black skin - all shadows in between. You are distinctive and dark, it may have both a cool and a warm undertone, it can be both soft and bright. You look great in dark, distinctive shades of your palette (dark terracotta - autumn, black-winter), avoid too bright colors all over the place.



Warm autumn or spring. The overall appearance is warm, to gold, the skin has a warm undertone. Hair in red, rosary, from blonde to chestnut, eyes green, blue or brown, eyebrows hot shade - red or brown, porcelain skin, may have peaches, or darker and golden undertones. Dark-medium colors that have a warm undertone to yellow suits you atmost. Not too contrasting or too muted.



Cool summer or winter. Hair with a gray tint, from dark brown to blond, gray to white. Eyes gray, blue, green or bright brown. The lashes and eyebrows turns from the light to the dark brown. Skin with a pink undertone or a slightly bluish tinge on the dark skin. The overall look is cool and pink. The skin's cold undertone, the overall color between the middle and the dark, can be both contrasting and soft.


Bright (contrasting)

Bright winter or spring.Dark hair, bright eyes are your most striking feature, they can be blue, green, topas. If you have a dark skin, a great contrast between belm and iris. Dark eyebrows and lashes. Skin any shade. Appearance is fresh and contoured, the skin can be both warm and cool. Contrast colors - a combination of both light and dark, always look great in contrast and bright colors.


Soft (muted)

Soft summer or autumn. Dark blonde (mouse) hair or light brown hair, soft eyes, light blue, brown, nutt or green, seem to change color. Eyebrows from light to dark, small contrast between hair, eyes and skin, whether dark or light. You can have several features of the previous types, you can not be included, the overall color is neither dark nor light, it will give you medium tones, warm and cool subtone, but you always look gently. Your color is mixed, ideal for tone to tone combinations, minimal contrast, medium dark shades are ideal, even one-color clothing is good.

The best color in the world is the one that suits you.